Sheet Metal Fabrication

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your custom copper kitchen hood or needing a never built metal prototype, our metal experts are here to accommodate your individual metal fabrication needs.

Laser Cutting

Southern Sheet Metal is a leading provider of laser cutting services in the Tulsa Metro area. Laser cutting is a key part of the process of our sheet metal fabrication. We have the ability and flexibility to handle custom precision cuts. Among the materials our laser cutting machine can cut includes stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum and titanium.

Auto CAD/CAM Cabilities

We are eager to receive or assist your CAD/CAM drawings and make it come to fruition.

Unique Pieces

When the Riverspirit Casino needed a piece for their Margaritaville Casino &Restaurant, they turned to us. We added pontoons to a custom boat that sits in the restaurant, making the display an immediate attention-grabber. We were also able to add the finishing touches to the casino’s state of the art escalator.

Custom Design

Our laser cutting equipment allows us to create intricate design elements for custom cut metal signs. With our high-quality equipment, we are able to transform a variety of ideas and concepts into functional pieces for our clients. Our team of talented metal workers are more than capable of meeting your needs, whether it’s a traditional or custom design.


From a simple idea to an engineered CAD drawing, allow our metal experts turn your intellectual property into a productive piece of metal.


Ventilation Systems / Duct Work

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen cabinets or completely remodeling the entire room or the basement, our expert estimators and remodeling professionals.

Electrical Boxes

Southern Sheet Metal has 80 years of experience in metal fabrication including over 25 years of manufacturing electrical boxes and electrical wireways for industrial applications.


Our electrical boxes and wireways are designed to keep product quality high while holding manufacturing cost low. Attention to construction details assures every project of consistency from original design to final product.

Plasma Cutting, Shear, Punch & Break

Shearing and braking capacity: 1/4” mild steel, 3/16” stainless, 12-ft long


Laser cutting: 1/2” mild steel, 1/8”Aluminum, 1/4” stainless, 5-ft. x 10-ft.


Plasma cutting: 3/8”mild steel, 10 ga. stainless, 5-ft. x 10-ft.


Rolling: 10 ga. mild steel, 6-ft long


Strippit punches: 30 tons

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